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February 05 2019

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A trio of tongues
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Let some fresh air into the room.
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Stay hydrated and drink lots of water
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Retro girl with a polaroid camera
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Sultry brunette staring at the camera

July 09 2018

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All that glitters is not gold
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OK I know there is almost no actual likeness but for some reason this girl reminds me of Taylor Swift. I just found her new album, Reputation on emp3. Oh and if emp3 doesn't work for you at that url (it is broken a lot) then try this one.

Track list for Taylor's latest album:

1. ...Ready For It?
2. End Game
3. I Did Something Bad
4. Don't Blame Me
5. Delicate
6. Look What You Made Me Do
7. So It Goes...
8. Gorgeous
9. Getaway Car
10. King of My Heart
11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
12. Dress
13. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
14. Call It What You Want
15. New Year's Day

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I find myself Dazed and Amused all the time. All the time.
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I like Bowie, too. He had a lot of drive.
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Hot coffee in bed. Mmmm
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Nice camera. Not digital.
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Want to share this cup of coffee?
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A cup of tea on a cold winter day by the window
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hot coffee by the window.
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Waiting on the bed
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Luxurious on the couch
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At the beach
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April 01 2018

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Mmmmm....coconut juice
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Some of the best Roblox games you can play. Vid is a little outdated - from 2016/17. But the games are still good.

March 11 2017

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